"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication."

Leonardo Da Vinci

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About Us


Welcome to JDESIGN online creative studio!



It is our pleasure to introduce you to our designs, share our visions and ideas. JDESIGN is a platform that you can use to order services in fast and easy manner, to get the best possible advice, idea, design and to be satisfied after leaving our online studio. Client satisfaction is our priority.



JDESIGN is a team of professional architects, interior designers and artists who will assist you in transformation of your residing and working environment in accordance with your budget. We will inform you about new tendencies, materials, inspire you and provide with knowledge and experience.


Our online creative studio offer you a classical (on-site) designing for the territory of Serbia, providing head-to-head consultations with an architect and new service of online designing (service available in all countries), allowing you to find equally quality solution at lower prices. Communication is performed by e-mail and phone. Clients follow our instructions for measuring and taking images, fill out questionnaire and, in short term, receive a design by e-mail.


Regardless of designing method that you select, we are with our clients all the way though until final solution – from the first consultation until realization.



JDESIGN is established by Jelena Ćapin, architect 


"Idea to create online boutique and office aroused from great passion for architecture, design and desire to introduce the market with new view on designing process, innovative and quality products and unique solutions and designs.


I was born in Africa, city of Dakar… Africa… expanse… exploring freedoms… indirectly guided me in selection of my vocation and decisions I made.


I graduated on the Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade, Department of Architecture, and after completing studies, I worked at the Faculty of Architecture in the field of designing and work with students. I received numerous awards in competitions and I designed numerous interior designs for residential and commercial facilities.


Over the course of several years I though about what could I do better and do more for my clients... I gathered material, worked on implementing idea to modify designing process based on my experience in working with different clients. I had an idea to create online studio... my office, but not on wheels (although my friends would say it is not far from truth:)), but on the largest network in the world. I don’t like borders, separations, I like challenges; hence I had an idea to share my services with all of you, regardless of the country of your residence. I gathered a team with similar positions and we created a creative vase open for dialogue for all clients, associates and colleagues."



Work Experience


Jully 2012 –present:

Founder and architect in firm JDESIGN

January 2008 – 2011:

Architect in architecture and design studioTRE, Belgrade

May 2008-present:

Collaborator for Serbia on project DESIGN DIRECTORY // systematic, continually updated collection of presentations of designers and companies //

January 2006-present:

Associate writer for  KONTRAST Magazine // Very independent. A window to southeastern Europe. The view on creative energy//, published by zavod BIG Slovenia

March 2004-present:

Associate writer  for HISE Architectural Magazine


Collaborator with firm Data interior design//work on different interior design solutions

September 2005– July 2007:

Studio Assistant, Faculty of Architecture, Belgrade University on courses: Form and Space, The Elements of Design with professors Ivan Kucina and Milan Rakocevic

September 2004– December 2004:

Work on preservation of old villas in Banja Koviljaca in Serbia with Cultural Heritage Institute


Academic History


March 2007: Master of Architecture Faculty of Architecture, Belgrade University, Serbia

//Project Museum of Applied Art, location-Kosancicev venac, Belgrade//


Exhibitions, Lectures & Other Professional Activities


Exhibition. June 2007/Architecture Saloon-Museum of Applied Art, Belgrade/ The project for City Market in Uzice-compettition project


Organization. November 2006/Perspective of Serbian Design/Ljubljana/Slovenia

I was one of the main organizers of presentation of Serbian architecture and design (industrial, interior and fashion) at Month of Design, Slovenia. The program was multidisciplinary, consist of lectures, exhibitions, film and fashion shows.


Lectures.26-29th May 2005/3rd Conference IASEA

Subject of Conference: Urban life and culture in Southeastern Europe

Subject of lecture: The old Courtyards of Belgrade, places where ethnology meets architecture

Co-author with Kovac Senka, professor at Faculty of Philosophy, Belgrade University


Exibition.June 2005/ Architecture Saloon/Museum of Applied Art, Belgrade/

The project for Building of New Patriarchy in Belgrade-competition project


Exhibition. February 2002/ Faculty of Architecture, Belgrade/ exhibition of student projects

Student Project for Residence at Boulevard in modern city apartment


Competitions and Awards


Competition.July 2008.Project for Restaurant at Silver Lake, Serbia

Author with architect N.Novakovic, I.Mrkonic, M.Nikolic, and O. Filipovic


Competition. December 2006.Project for City Market in Uzice, Serbia/nomination - 4th place/

Author with professor Milos Antonijevic


Competition.June2004.Project for Architecture and Urban solution for the building of New Patriarchy in Belgrade, /our work was one of the six that was selected for the next round and in second round we won- 4th place/

Author with Marko Dimitrijevic and Jovana Kandic


Competition for visual identity-Celebration 200 years of forming the modern Serbian state. December 2003.

Work was exhibited in Museum of Applied Art, Belgrade


Competition. June 2003.Project for urban solution of Strahinjica Bana Street

/1st place/

With team lead by arch Dejan Stanisavljevic


Student Competition. June 2002.Urban solution of the main pedestrian street in Vrnjacka Banja

/3 th place/

Author with N.Novakovic and I. Surducki


Other skills

Computer skills: AutoCAD 2d and 3d /Autodesk certificate  advanced level/, Photoshop, Corel Draw, 3D Studio Max

Language: Serbian, English, Italian, Russian, Turkish



On request



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